Our Green Credentials

Environmental Responsibility...

At Hartsop Fold, we feel privileged to be located in one of the most stunning areas of the Lake District. We take the stewardship of our corner of the fells very seriously and as such have made efforts to minimise our impact on the local area and the environment.

As part of our £400,000 refurbishment of Hartsop Fold, we installed a biomass boiler to replace the existing heating system; the biomass boiler is a state-of-the-art, environmentally sound heating solution which efficiently provides unlimited, eco-friendly hot water and heating to all 14 lodges.

Biomass is classed as a carbon-neutral, renewable energy because it burns wood pellets. Wood releases as much carbon when it is burnt as it absorbs during its growth so it is important to ensure that the wood pellets we use have been harvested sustainably to ensure it remains a carbon-neutral energy source. We only use sustainably sourced wood pellets in our biomass boiler.

We encourage our guests to recycle where possible; there is a dedicated recycling area on site, which can be found next to reception.

Our lodges are fitted with low-energy LED lightbulbs and the lighting around the site at night is energy efficient and non-intrusive; this allows guests to enjoy an un-polluted sky on clear evenings to enjoy the stars against a mountainous back drop.

During our refurbishment, where possible, we used locally-sourced labour and materials, including slate from a local quarry, in order to minimise our carbon footprint.

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