• Dusk View at Hartsop Fold
  • Hartsop Fold Holiday Lodges
  • The Hartsop Stag & Views
  • Holiday Lodge Living Space
  • Holiday Lodge Modern Kitchen
  • Holiday Lodge Living & Dining Space
  • Holiday Lodge Twin Bedroom
  • Holiday Lodge Dining Area
  • Angle Tarn above Hartsop Fold
Dusk View at Hartsop Fold1 Hartsop Fold Holiday Lodges2 The Hartsop Stag & Views3 Holiday Lodge Living Space4 Holiday Lodge Modern Kitchen5 Holiday Lodge Living & Dining Space6 Holiday Lodge Twin Bedroom7 Holiday Lodge Dining Area8 Angle Tarn above Hartsop Fold9

Hartsop Fold Luxury Holiday Lodges


Imagine a place where some of the most beautiful countryside and breathtaking fells are, quite literally, on your doorstep.

Imagine a place where you can explore the wildness and isolation of nature, but return home to a warm and comfortable lodge that has all the facilities you need after a day of walking, biking or sight-seeing.

Imagine a place where you can enjoy summer evenings on your veranda, or settle down to a warm and cosy welcome in winter, and watch the stars and abundant wildlife from your doorstep.

Welcome to Hartsop Fold Holiday Lodges…

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